Top 5 Benefits of Rebuilding a House

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Top 5 Benefits of Rebuilding a House: As many homeowners find themselves coming to the end of life, they come across the problem of their houses not being the right fit anymore.

In other words, they’re not certain about the way to remedy the situation – whether to move, renovate or knock down the whole thing and build a new house in its place.

It can be a confusing choice for homeowners. After all, no one wants to make a mistake with their biggest asset. So today, Almighty Demolition wants to show you the top 5 reasons why we believe a knockdown rebuild SMASHES the alternatives.

1. Feasible

Price is always a big factor for people when they’re buying a house. But what about the costs? We think rebuilding is worth it if you do it right. Selling your house and buying a new one isn’t cheap, you’ll pay thousands of dollars in taxes and other fees.

A renovation of the existing building or a new build could help with some of these expenses. Although a complete rebuild may seem like the more expensive solution, this is not always the case.

As a house ages, its components have a finite life expectancy. The paint might last around 5 years, the shingle roof around 20 years, and the central air-conditioning unit maybe 10 years. What this means is that as your house increases in age you will inevitably need to replace some parts.

Repairing the gutter and roof at the same time, for example, can become quite costly. Meanwhile, with a rebuild, everything is new.

2. You won’t miss your neighbours

Some people choose to renovate or rebuild instead of moving because they’ve formed attachments to the area. They throw great parties on their street and your kids have loads of friends.

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3. No Hidden Charges

When making a choice between buying property or a knockdown rebuild, it’s fair to say, knockdown rebuilds are relatively free of hidden expenses, especially when it comes to unexpected costs.

Furthermore, most of the problems that could arise can be anticipated, allowing the consumer to budget accordingly. The same cannot be said for purchases of real estate, as such transactions incur additional costs in different phases.

Additional problems even after budgeting for a home inspection to check for structural damage can arise during renovations.

When remodelling or renovating older homes, a number of problems can arise. Leaky pipes, faulty electrical, and hidden asbestos are among a number of problems you may face. Planning a successful, modern renovation or remodelling project can be tough and time-consuming.

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4. Add Value

If you need more space for your expanding family or would like to be able to stretch out it is worth exploring whether all your desires and desired changes can be found within your old home’s footprint and design or at least designed to accommodate it.

Extensions and renovations will always turn out to look a little like the Frankenstein monster, with a bit of this theme, a bit of that, and a bit of optimism tossed in. When you want to sell your home down the track, a house like that won’t get the bucks you put in.

Aside from unsightly upgrades, individuals can typically say the age of their home and prefer to foresee issues and make decisions based on that age. On the other side, a knockdown reconstruction would be built and installed from scratch, presenting your brand new dream home with the added advantage of adding thousands of dollars of value to your house.

5. A New Start

You are, in effect, resetting the physical assets of the building, giving you the stability and security that comes with a new home, as you make the decision to tear down and rebuild.

Not just that, but generally speaking, modern houses are easier to look after and affordable. All fixtures, floors, walls, and cabinets are sparkly and new. The chance of termite infestation or mould build-up from unseen water leakage is also much smaller.

In comparison, the current materials used to make new houses appear to be more energy-efficient and hence easier to live in. All of this points to a fresh start as you want to tear down your house and restore it.

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